Communication is essential!

We live in community, as we always have! The human being is a gregarious being who needs others to survive. The continuation of who we are depends on our ability to relate and to be able to overcome our weaknesses with the strength of others. Relationships are always composed of two sides: the side that has needs and the side that has the solution!

It all starts with communication. The experience with others begins with our ability, and need, to tell one another how we are, where we are, what we think and feel, what we need. And whenever a message is sent, it presupposes a response. It is this dynamic of communication that allows us to build bridges with others, bridges in which we will move on forever and in both directions.

We are dependent on one another and on our ability to establish communication, fortunately nowadays being in contact is possible even without leaving home! If we communicate, we will never be alone! This is how it is within our family life, within our group of friends, in our building, at work, in our business. The whole is always more than the sum of the parts and it is, therefore, that, however much we use this expression, it will never lose strength: Together we are stronger!