Documents to request at the City Council

Following an article that we previously published on the identity documents of a property, we will talk about three more that help to complete the information about your home. So, this time we are going to talk about:

  • Usage permit
  • Technical sheet
  • Floor plan.

The Usage permit indicates, as the name suggests, the type of use allowed for that specific property, ensuring that the property meets all conditions for that purpose. The document contains the case number assigned to it by the City Council and on what date.

The Technical sheet is a booklet where all the characteristics of the construction of the property are inserted: walls, floor, windows, doors … Everything is explained in detail.

The Floor Plan is the basic design of the property, where all the general and room areas are shown.

All these documents are requested and registered with the City Council in the area where the property is located, so if you need to request the issuance of one of them, you will be able to obtain it from the local authority services. Each Chamber has its own procedure for making this request and the respective price list, so you should inquire directly with the service in your area.

The Usage permit became mandatory from 1951 onwards, therefore, all properties built after this date must be licensed. If your property is later than this date, without a permit it is not possible to purchase or sell that property.