Home Sweet Home: so much to do at home!

In the rush of our normal daily routines, we are, at the same time, overwhelmed by endless lists of tasks to do and suffocated by a chronic lack of time to answer those lists… And suddenly, when we are surprised with time in hand, we hardly we know what to do with it! But in fact, while at home there are always a million things to do…

Take advantage of this early warm season to do the famous spring cleaning. With courage, we open drawers and cupboards, move furniture, clean glass, sort through the junk that, during busier days, we kept meaninglessly. Open the windows and balconies, let the air flow through your home and let the sun breathe new life into your old environment!

With time and patience, we can now take the opportunity to put everything in its right place:

  • Separate damaged clothes and shoes to recycle.
  • Keep everything that can still be donated in a box.
  • Fix the kitchen cabinets, the cutlery drawer, the shelf of the plastic bowls and their lost lids.
  • Change the decoration of the room to create a new environment.
  • Treat the plants so that they are lusher.
  • Give your balcony a new life!

Beach time is coming, time parties with friends. “Patience is a tree with a bitter root, but with very sweet fruit”, but like time in our home: Home, Sweet Home!