Insulate the windows!

With the arrival of the cold, our main concern is to leave it outside our home, but to achieve this goal, we must pay special attention to the windows. How can we solve this problem?

In the ideal scenario, when we identify problems with our windows, we should replace them. The materials available on the market today and the new insulation techniques offer ever better windows with more capacity to insulate and maintain the ideal temperature inside a room. With new windows, we solve another problem: noise. Changing windows in a home will ensure better thermal and acoustic insulation.

However, if you do not want or cannot change your windows, it does not mean that there is nothing to do! There are some tricks to transform an old window into a new window, such as the application of caulking or rubber tapes to eliminate the leaks that the windows may have and thus increase the blockage of the air passage.

We can also increase this insulation with shutters on the outside of the window and curtains on the inside. Open the shutters during the day to let the sunlight into the rooms, but as soon as the sun starts to disappear the rule has to be to close the windows. Do not let your windows be the first barrier between the cold outside air and the bedroom or living room. Inside the house, bet on a cosier decoration: long curtains and thicker fabrics and warm colours that convey a welcoming feeling!