Light and electricity!

Nowadays, due to the lockdown, we are all more at home and the consumption of basic services will naturally increase! We are consuming more for more hours, this situation will be reflected in more lights on, heaters that are turned on for more hours and various equipment working that, as a rule, would be off all day. This change to our way of life forces us to pause, to understand how we are spending our energy and the energy of our home, to devise strategies to avoid wasting and spending money that we can save!

Let us begin this analysis of spending on basic household services with electricity. Have you accounted for what you are spending? Have you studied the market to find out if you have the best conditions for your home and your family’s expenses? Where to start?

The first step to take is to take your last invoice and analyze all the data: consumption, contracted power, tariffs, and prices. Do a search for electricity suppliers and compare all these values, there are several sites where you can check this information and even compare the offers presented. It is important that you confirm that the contracted power is in accordance with the consumption you make at home, having a high-power rate that you never need is paying for a service that you do not use. You should also assess, if you have a bi-hourly tariff, whether it continues to pay off at a stage when consumption cannot always be relocated to the hours when prices are lowest. All these service conditions can be changed, you can even change your contract to another electricity supplier. You must analyze well and choose the conditions that are most favorable to you.

Having dealt with the contractual situation, it is also necessary to look for behaviors that can help us make a more regulated consumption and help us to save on this expense. The golden rule is to turn off everything that we are not actually using:

  • take advantage of natural light during the day
  • at night, use only the necessary lighting in the room where one is at any given moment
  • do not leave equipment in stand-by
  • disconnect chargers from the sockets when the equipment is already charged
  • keep the rooms closed to preserve the temperature when the heaters are on
  • keep doors and windows well insulated to help keep the house warmer
  • only turn on washing machines and dishes with a full load
  • avoid opening the refrigerator door repeatedly, as well as the oven door during a roast
  • air dry clothing, on clotheslines and racks
  • if you need to buy lamps or other new equipment, choose the most efficient options.

These may seem like small gestures, but all in all, it will make a difference at the end of the month! It will make even more difference at the end of the year!