Organize the house!

We are again called upon to make our home respond to a multitude of functions: it is at home that we live as a family and that we relax from everyday problems, but we may also have to work at home and learn at home. Are we prepared for working and studying remotely?

We already addressed this issue when we talked about the Office – Room, so let us prepare our house once again. The first step is to understand what our needs are going to be and how our house can respond to those same needs:

  • Do we need an office? How many of us are going to work from home?
  • Do we need an environment for classes at home? How many of us studying remotely?

By answering these questions, we will be able to understand how many work and school areas we need to create, what equipment each one will have to use and how we can distribute ourselves at home. We must be prepared to work and study, but without forgetting that our home remains the space par excellence for us to live as a family.

Our house cannot fail to be our HOME: that space for meeting and resting where we feel protected from the rest of the world! So, the key word is to organize! Create rules so that all family members are involved in the dynamics of the home: work, study, clean, tidy, but also socialize, rest, and have fun! Even if the routines undergo major changes, we need to ensure that we continue to have time to relax and take a deep breath, as a family, by bringing a board game and a teapot to the table!

Who will win this challenge? The parents or the children?