Portugal in 8 steps

Do you want to go for a trip in Portugal, but do not know where to begin? We leave you with 8 suggestions of places where Portugal reveals itself to be of unparalleled beauty, where we cannot avoid feeling the need to go and visit! Places that you need to know how to see, how to listen, how to live. Each of them speaks a different language, even though we all speak the same language. In each of them, we fulfill the Portuguese that we are, fulfill the Portugal that we can be!

We could describe the green landscape of Gerês, talk about the power of the Douro river and teach the secrets of the City of Knowledge, Coimbra… We could even tell how impressive the Serra da Estrela is, the culture of the Capital of Portugal, Lisboa, or the warmth of the interior region of Alentejo… We could also marvel at the Costa Vicentina or say how good it is to relax in the Algarve … But all words, no matter how certain they were, would always be insufficient to truly do justice to the real beauty of our country. So, we leave an open window here…