Sell house

Preparing our house to sell!

Selling a house, our house, is a process that is as important as buying it. It is a moment full of emotions, but also very profitable and we must know how to find the union of these two worlds. We must let go of our stories and prepare this space to welcome the stories of another family, but we must do everything properly. First, even before the real estate agent comes to visit our house for evaluation, it is important to give maximum value to our product. We want to sell, and we want to sell well! So, there is a list of steps that are essential for everything to go as intended:

  • General cleaning and deep storage: this are the time when you need to move furniture, empty drawers, wash carpets and curtains, clean shelves … It is time to open everything, turn everything upside down and put it back in the right place! So that the effort of such a big cleaning and extreme tidiness does not seem to be in vain, it is also time to start packing everything we need less and thus start moving forward.
  • Make small arrangements: do a check up on your house and point out everything that is not working well: dripping taps, windows that do not close well, damaged shutters, new silicone in the toilet, loosened handles … Have everything fixed! It is an investment of a few dozen euros that can be worth hundreds when selling.
  • Painting: a general painting will give your home a new look, a cleaner and wider face that will certainly remain in the buyer’s view. Give preference to white, as it is a colour associated with cleanliness, comfort, free space and will give the new family the possibility to later customize as they wish … One more favourable point!
  • Decorations: following the hint of storage, here too we have an opportunity to pack everything that is not essential. Depersonalize your home so that the new family who visits you can imagine themselves living there, arrange pictures, photographs, books, some clothes, and personal items that may not be needed soon. Even when it comes to furniture, it is a good idea to remove some and leave the house more spacious and freer.

When everything is ready, we can then proceed to open the door for the buyer. Right now, we just need to give the final touch. When visiting, create the ideal environment. The house must be at a good temperature, considering the weather outside; it must be well lit, whether day or night; and it should still have a pleasant aroma in the air! Do not take some of these steps as expenses, all these tips, even though they may cost some money, are an investment because each one of them will boost the sale of your home. You will see how everything goes better!