Students looking for lodgings

With the beginning of another academic year, most university students face a problem, this time aggravated by the pandemic situation we are going through.

  • I have been placed outside my area of residence, where am I going to live?
  • Será que consigo encontrar alojamento perto da minha faculdade?
  • Will I get an affordable price?

This is a dilemma that is affecting most young people who are starting their academic path, and with each passing year the problem is repeated.

Supply is a long way from real demand and here is where the problem lies. It is difficult to find a space that meets all the requirements. Often, for students to be able to afford the rent, they will have to live quite a distance from their university and choose to be close to a means of transport or subject themselves worse conditions.

The fact that many must wait for the results of the placements to start the search is a very limiting factor. This year, the situation is worse, as uncertainties increase.

With most of the classes now being held online and after the doing the math, families wonder if the financial sacrifice is worth it, given that tomorrow is an unknown quantity for everyone. So, it is essential for everyone to adapt to this new situation so that the market does not stop! Innovating and presenting new business solutions, for example, contracts for shorter periods of time, can be advantageous for both landlords and students.

Even though we are all experiencing new and changing times, life will continue to happen, both in the real estate market and in universities. Today, more than ever, we need to invest in new generations and their ability to create more knowledge.

Carolina Carvalho – Management Team